Four Winds
Natural Resources

Over the past 100 years our forests, water, wildlife and minerals were extracted with limited traditional eco-logical knowledge (TEK) in place.  The intent of Four Winds Natural Resources division is to build capacity to better manage the resources and integrate First Nation traditional knowledge in every aspect while maintaining balance and harmony for seven generations.

Services provided for our Natural Resources include:
  • Creation of a strategy that promotes sustainable management for mining, forestry, and fisheries in Canada.
  • Assist in the awareness programs that will provide a positive political forum for discussion and consensus building (First Nation and Municipalities)
  • Provide access to funding required to complete the proposed action plans
  • Design and preparation of assessment tools and monitoring methodology for ongoing consultation for mining, forestry and fisheries
  • Creation of an Environmental Officer Training program in association with College Boreal and Trent University.  Other provinces to be determined as program develops
  • Provide training and hands on job opportunities for First Nation members to participate in resource management and economic prosperity.
  • Preparation of a strategic plan to guide the resource management in Ontario

Four Winds is committed to the preservation for our natural resources and development
in a holistic and earth
friendly manner.

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