Four Winds

The Four Winds Environmental company will promote green building design in association with architects, builders, designers and manufacturing organizations. There is a great need for new designs that are durable, and can withstand the social impact of everyday life. Our new designs will open the doors to economic development in addition to being safe and affordable. The environment needs to be protected and carbon reduction concepts will form the basis for any typical environmental assessments completed in North America.

  • Facilitate the creation and development of house factories
  • Design team to build net zero housing
  • Assembled a design team that will address regional and local housing needs
  • Undertake large scale energy audits across Canada
  • "Cradle to the grave" client service when conceptualizing a project
  • Negotiate financing and access government intervention dollars to complete Green projects
  • Introduce new technology to Native Americans across Canada and the USA
  • Provide typical environmental assessments, site clean up, hydro-geology, remediation, species at risk and monitoring
  • Risk Assessments
  • Economic development opportunities and capacity building

Carbon reduction and green building designs are key to sustainable communities, and initiating renewable energy options which will benefit generations to come. Planning for Seven Generations.

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