Four Winds
Group of Companies

The Four Winds group of companies promote healthy community living, sustainable development, strategic planning, building capacity and fostering partnerships for economic growth.

The focus of Four Winds is to provide assistance in order to help raise the standard of living across the Nation one community at a time, by becoming involved in Native community development projects, government intervention programs and assisting with the preparation of sustainable economic development initiatives. Sustainability addresses health and safety issues, short and long range environmental impacts, economic development opportunities, renewable energy options, financial management planning and marketing plans for implementation.

Creation of realistic and effective long-term strategies for each major sector will ensure success of any project proposed by an entrepreneur, group or Nation. Four Winds provides "integrated solutions" that help build a strong sense of community and pride for self awareness. Building capacity is one of the key elements of self determination and therefore long term employment and training plans are important building blocks for the future.

Four Winds philosophy of development is to raise the standard of living. This is being done through a group of companies namely:


  • Four Winds Financial Group (health benefits, life insurance, death benefits and pension plans)
  • Four Winds Management Services (strategic planning for housing and infrastructure development and portfolio management)
  • Four Winds Environmental (green design and carbon reduction projects)
  • Four Winds Natural Resources (market access for resource management of fisheries and wildlife through effective strategies)

    In order to contribute to society one must understand their potential and realize it. In essence, Four Winds will assist Native communities, Tribal groups, Territorial Organizations, individuals, government agencies and entrepreneurs identify ways to live healthy and work together.

    "Relationships Build Communities... "

Four Winds provides market access for products and services for native communities across North America.

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