Tom Laronde, CET

The Four Winds group of companies was created to assist North American Native communities develop a strong sense of community and build the capacity to raise the standard of infrastructure, health, housing, financial management and sustainable development. "The key to any success is the willingness to try."

Tom is from a small northern town situated about 5 hours north of Toronto Ontario. He was trained as a carpenter from the age of 14 by his father and began to realize that building houses meant people can build their own future by focusing on what is important. After acquiring his associate degree in Civil engineering he worked with the federal government for ten years as an appraiser, inspector and social housing officer. Then joined the private sector to project manage Habitat for Humanity and Frontiers Foundation, ultimately working with an Aboriginal focused engineering group in southern Ontario which lead to the development of Four Winds.

In the case of Four Winds, the development process took approximately three years and is now promoting a life style that is futuristic and necessary to live and prosper. The philosophy of Four Winds is to ensure generations of children will be ready to face the challenges 10, 20 and 30 years from now. This is accomplished by planning and strategic thinking. Planning for the future needs to be thought of today in order to anticipate global rising energy and food prices. This is one of the pillars of the Four Winds approach - anticipate then participate.

With Tom's in-depth experience with First Nation people he is now being recognized as an expert in First Nation housing management and the delivery of homes.  He has taken the stance that no problem is too large to overcome especially where the children of tomorrow need to know now what the challenges are.

Tom was recently elected as a Board of Director to the National Center for First Nation Governance (NCFNG) to assist in the development of a Native Nation governance model for Canada and the Tribal Nations in the USA. He also has been a member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technologists and Technicians (OACETT) for over 25 years.

As president of Four Winds group of companies Tom will work with like-minded people that are willing to create the positive life for indigenous people throughout North America and other parts of the world.

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